Nearby beaches

With Nafpaktos as your starting point, in a few minutes you find yourself in a numerous of beaches and picturesque seaside villages. At a small distance from Nafpaktos, we meet the first villages of Dorida (Monastiraki, Hiliadou, Skaloma, Sergoula) where you can enjoy your swim but also your meal. From the other side (that of Aetoloakarnania) the beaches of Antirrio and Makyneia await you. About 20 km after Nafpaktos we meet the seaside village of Hania. There you can leave your car, go aboard a small boat (regular departures) and visit Trizonia. This island is inhabited and is only 500 m from the coast. It is beautiful; you can walk from one side to the other, and also taste fresh fish at the taverns by its picturesque port. It is a one day trip that will remain unforgettable.