Discover Nafpaktos


Caspiancity of Nafpaktos

At the place where the two seas meet, the ancient Dorians organized the shipyard, giving it its name, Nafpaktos (Naus – Sengmymi). A large part of the old city is enclosed in two arms that start from the top of the hill and reach the sea, where they form the famous Venetian harbor in the shape of a petal with the two towers in its opening. Four transverse walls form five tops from top to bottom. The castle can be visited for the most part. Just a short distance from the harbor, we find Botsari Tower. A building that dates from the 15th century and today functions as a museum with exhibits from the naval battle of Nafpaktos.

Monastery of Ag. Augustine & Serafim Saref (Trikorfo)

Just 18km from Nafpaktos (about 30min) we meet the imposing monastery at Trikorfo Dorida. It is the only monastery in the world dedicated to the great Russian saint Seraphim of Sarop. It is famous for the largest bell tower in the world with its 400 calling panels and 62 bells.

Nearby beaches

The beaches of Nafpaktos (Grimbos, Psani) have now been awarded with blue flags for their services and for the quality of their waters. Alternatively, with Nafpaktos, in a few minutes you will find yourself in a host of beaches and picturesque seaside villages. Just a short distance from Nafpaktos, we find the first villages of Dorida (Monastiraki, Chiliadou, Skaloma, Sergoula) where you can enjoy your bath and your food. On the other side (of Aitoloakarnania) the beaches of Antirrio and Macynia are waiting for you.

Approximately 20km after Nafpaktos we find the seaside settlement of Hania. There you can leave your car, take a boat (regular services) and visit the Trizonia. This islet is habitable and is only 500m from the coast. It is beautiful, you can walk from side to side, but also taste fresh fish in the taverns next to its picturesque harbor. It’s a one-day excursion thatwill keep you unforgettable… The visitor to Nafpaktos can, within a short time, visit historical sites such as Delphi, Olympia, Messolonghi